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The trivia consists of 3-5 rounds and can be played in any number of players. Ideally, there are three teams consisting of 3-4 players each to ensure a well-balanced and interactive experience. Participants have a minute to discuss and answer the questions asked and can also benefit from stealing their opponent's questions, if they get them wrong. 

The game requires both knowledge and team work as the different categories will appeal to different people's strengths. If applicable, teams will end the trivia with a final rapid-fire round, where the highest scoring team goes first and answers as many questions as they can in 90 seconds. The rapid fire round can consist of questions from across the categories. ​

The host will take you through the entire game, providing score updates at the end of each rounds and finally crowning the winning team. This event is Bring-Your-Own-Device, collaborative and ideal for friends to play in a virtual environment.